Monsoon Fashion Guide

Quick Guide To Look Fab This Monsoon!

The smell of wet mud, hot chai and pakodas and everything green and fresh, isn't monsoon the most beautiful of all the seasons? Nonetheless, it is also a season of fashion mishaps that could occur if the weather suddenly turns foul. 

Having said that, you don't have to style yourself in drab rainwear. If you think outside the box, you will be able to dress for the monsoon season in India without compromising your fashion quotient. 

The rainy season can be a fashion nightmare but that's all in the past now. Style will reign supreme no matter what the weather is. We break it down the monsoon fashion outfit trends for you - so you know what to avoid, and what to wear when it's raining cats and dogs in your city. 

Monsoon Fashion Tips-

1. Opt for Natural Fabrics:

Fabrics made from organic materials are ideal for the monsoon season so whenever possible, choose natural fabrics that tend to dry quickly. Fabrics like khadi, cotton are lightweight and are fuss-free. 

They also prove to be a perfect fit due to their low-absorbent quality. While stepping out during the rainy season, wear clothes that are functional for travel especially if you have to wade through puddles.

Khadi Co-ord Sets

2. Wear Shorter Clothes:

They say the shorter the better. Well, it does make sense during the monsoon season.

You don't want to be bothered with mud splashing mud all over your dress  - avoid getting sticky, muddy hems by opting for shorts, short dresses, and cropped pants during the rainy season.  They are not only comfortable but also stylish. 

Beat the monsoon blues and run around town in style with cool short dresses

Skater Dress

3. Choose the Right Color/Print:

You might think of spring when it comes to flowers but florals can bring a little sunshine to a rainy day.

In fact, avoid whites at all costs and opt for a darker and brighter shade because it gets easier to merge the mud marks on the garment. Opt for neutral bottoms and vibrant tops to ace your monsoon dressing.

Complete the look with espadrilles or flip-flops and add comfort to your look.

Floral jumpsuits

4. Choose the Right Silhouette:

Add easy-breezy silhouettes to your wardrobe instead of tight-fitting clothes to avoid getting it sticky to your skin.

So, make sure your tops fall gracefully rather than wearing tight-fitting tees. In fact, it is possible to develop skin problems if the tanks are too tight. 

Go easy breezy with our skater dress and upgrade your monsoon wardrobe. 

Pink skater dress

5. Accessorize it well:

Complete your ensemble with jewelry, shoes and bags in striking prints and varied hues this monsoon. 

Bags: This monsoon, accessorise with bags in contrasting colors and prints. If it's raining and the weather gets gloomy, a bright-colored bag has the power to brighten up your wardrobe. 

Jewelry: If you use wooden beads you should avoid them as they are slow to dry. During this season, it is advisable to wear accessories made of metal, stones, or plastic.

Umbrella: Still, carrying that black umbrella? Perhaps it's time to switch to a vibrant option. After all an umbrella can beat your monsoon blues with some vibrance!

Monsoon style

Shoes: The last thing you want is to step out in your favorite pair of shoes, only to have them ruined by a rainstorm halfway through your commute.

When it comes to shoes, monsoons inevitably mean puddles and potholes that damage your shoes. But you don't have to compromise on style just because of the change in season.

There are various monsoon-proof options to choose from like PVC shoes, canvas and plastic shoes to wear for the monsoon season.  

6. Choose Skincare Wisely:

If you're going to wear make-up, choose products that are waterproof. The humidity can make your skin prone to acne so make sure you keep washing it and apply sunscreen. (Even if there's no sun? Yes!) 

Complete the look with sunscreen, waterproof eyeliner, waterproof mascara and lip balm.

After the sweltering summers, the monsoon season comes as a fresh breeze. If you like to walk in the rain, the season is a good time to ace your monsoon clothing style - stock up on short dresses and cool coordinate sets.

Monsoon makeup

The best response to the monsoon season is to go for colors, wear fabrics that dry quickly, accessorize your look with cool jewelry, string flip-flops, and waterproof bags.

So, don't fret the monsoon season and go all chic with our outfits. Hope these fashion tips for monsoon help you upgrade your monsoon wardrobe!

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