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10 Cotton Western Dress Styles To Own This Summer

10 Cotton Western Dress Styles To Own This Summer

The temperatures are soaring and it’s really getting hot out there. And, while most of you might still living out of your favourite PJs and old tees, you have got a lot of virtual office meetings, birthday parties, and other things to attend for which you definitely need some easy-breezy and fun casual cotton dresses in your closet. 

The other reason why you should be indulging in adding some new dresses to your wardrobe is that dressing up while staying at home can really lift up your spirits. To ensure that you stay cool all-day long, cotton kaftan dresses are a must-have. Try it out for yourself and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Let us give you a quick peek into our latest summer collection that is comfortable, stylish, and super versatile so that you do not miss out on flaunting your fashion A-game even when you are staying home.

Cotton Dresses for Anywhere and Everywhere look-


1. All hail to the cotton kaftan dresses!

Nothing screams comfort yet style like kaftans. All parts chic and relaxed cotton maxi dresses are top online trending fashion staples since the lockdown 2020 and rightly so! 

Kaftan Dresses

The blue tye-dye kaftan maxi has slide-slits and a tie-up bodice to accentuate your curves at the right places and can make for the perfect piece for a lazy weekend and those fun picnics (at this time, on your terrace gardens, or the lawn area with your fam)

Tie Dye Kaftan dresses

This fun mix of yellow and pink tye-dye kaftan has a relaxed silhouette with side slits and pockets for making your day brighter and comfier. 

2. Dainty day cotton western dresses for work, lounging & everything in between

Your summer wardrobe must feature some delicate and airy dresses that can be worn for those internal or client meetings, brunches with the mains, and even those small house gatherings during these long summer days.

The same would be true even when you are staying at home and attending all sorts of virtual meets whether it is work-related or not. You got to have a few fuss-free, breezy dresses to make summer dressing fun!

Pleated Shirt Dress

This pleated shirt dress is just the piece you would want to wear to beat your Monday blues. It strikes that right balance between edgy and formal, giving you a sharper and more refined look.

However, if you want to make your look a little relaxed and playful, accessorize the dress. Pro tip: Add a belt and if you are going out, complete the look with some funky sneakers to get those heads turning!

Midi Dress

Why be neutral when you can go pop and have some fun? Life is already boring and you do need to add some colour to your life even if it’s with your daily fashion.

Whether you agree with our thoughts or not, you simply cannot not fall for this bright midi. It’s everything you need to brighten up your day. So summery, striking, and stunning, this one will become your summer staple. #WeKnowIt

Ikat Dress

Be a sunflower and let your inner energy radiate through this gorgeous yellow printed cotton dress. This is one of the most versatile dresses to own not just because it fits all your day schedules but also because you can have so much fun with it! 

You can play with contrast, a monotone scarf, add a belt to the waist, or just team it up with tights/stockings on days when you don’t feel like showing your legs. You definitely cannot miss this one!

Short cotton dress

This blue play date dress is a fun one for those not-so-formal dates with your beloved. Even when you are staying in and planning a date lunch on these quiet weekends, this dress will be an effortless addition to your natural charm.

It comes with pockets making it all the more functional and cute enough to hide a gift for your date.

Tie up cotton dress

A ditsy midi, this Tie-up tier cotton dress is a beautiful piece for days when you want to just pamper yourself with something extra yet minimal.

Fitted in the waist complemented with a full skirt look to give that definition to your shape, it comes with tie-up straps and a ruffled hem. It is a stunner that you’ll love to repeat more times than you think!

3. Who said cotton dresses aren’t for evenings?

Many believe that cotton dresses are too casual for evening wear, but we beg to differ. The versatility and the comfort quotient of the fabric, make it a great choice for all times of the day and even all seasons. 

To convince you, we have a great lineup of cotton and premium cotton dresses that are just the styles you would want to flaunt for your summer evenings.

One shoulder dress

This sexy one shoulder dress is crafted from the finest linen and its delicate detailing makes it one of our favourite night dresses for dates, clubbing, or dinner plans with friends.

With a ruffled sleeve and A-line fall, the silhouette is extremely flattering and captivating. Do you agree or do you agree?

Short cotton dress

When you are in no mood to put in too much thought and yet want to make a statement, this stunning blue short cotton dress is just the piece you need! It’s just effortlessly classy and yet playful thanks to its neckline and under-bust fit, ensuring that you look top-notch for those informal evening moods.

White cotton dress

Debate all you want, but for us, white is the new black! A white dress like this beauty is all about getting that ‘princess’ look right. So, cheery, playful, and yet so elegant, this is perfect for your date night, birthday parties, etc.

Summers are perfect to explore, experiment, and notch up your style!

When it comes to dressing up and fashion, there ain’t a better time than summertime. You have got so many colors, so many silhouettes, so many lengths, etc., that you can choose from and find your unique style.

We hope our guide to summer dressing as per various moods and events will motivate you to refresh your summer closet with the most trending summer fashion outfits out there.

We have an exquisite range of summer-perfect styles for you. You can check out and order cotton dresses online in India and anywhere else from our website, here.

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