Fashion Trends of 2021 to Follow Right Now!

As you get some respite from the scorching heat and the craving to escape the humdrum of life grapples you, your instincts tell you that it’s time to refresh your wardrobe. 

Whether you are planning short staycations, weekend wanderings with friends, or a relaxing vacay with your bae, you need to up your fashion game.

But, but, but - the months of staying at home in your favorite PJs and baggy tees have made you rethink your fashion choices. You are now always looking for comfort fits even in the most trending western outfits. Are we right or are we right? 

So, here we have compiled for you the best of this season’s outfit ideas that are high on style and comfort both! Let’s get started.


Season's stylish outfit ideas-


1. Embrace the playful hems

Asymmetric cuts and distinctive silhouettes of the hem are trending for all the right reasons. Be it in Kurtas, dresses, or skirts, varied hem cuts are just notching up the overall style quotient, allowing you to stay on top of trends without giving up on the ease of comfy dressing. 

Apart from the hemline patterns, there is a lot of experimentation happening around the length of the hems too and we are totally loving it! So, go on and try on a different hemline this time and see how it effortlessly adds to your look. 

2. Take a chill-pill with coords

Still in those ‘lounging all day’ feels but want to be at your A-game when going out? Coords are amongst the easiest and stylish western outfits out there. What’s more? It’s gram-approved too, i.e., from influencers to Bollywood celebs, everyone seems to have fallen in love with the coord-sets.

Take this bright yellow coord for example. It is perfect for that staycation or vacay but at the same time, it has everything you need to be at ease all-day long. 

coord set

Even this lavender coord set is a classic example of style meets comfort. Crafted from summer silk, it’s a high fashion clothing that is also functional. 

lavender coord set

3. Pastels are here to stay

Indian brides ditching away the dark, bold, and traditional hues for pastels had everyone talking and going gaga over the soft hues.

Perfect for summer soirees as well as gala dinners, pastel ensembles make special occasions look dreamier and more delightful than ever.  In vogue for quite sometime now, pastels are definitely here to stay and we cannot be happier! 

If you too are a fan of minimalism, stock up your every day wardrobe with pastel dresses, tops, and more because the beauty of pastels is that you can really have fun and mix-match them with other lighter hues. 

4. Let those sleeves do the talking

One totally adorbs fashion trend that has got us hooked is the dramatic sleeve styles. We mean what a brilliant way to elevate the ensemble without compromising on functionality or even the comfort. 

Cape sleeves, bishop sleeves, varying lengths and styles of bell sleeves,and ruffled sleeves are top trending ones, in both ethnic as well as contemporary wear. In fact, the puffed sleeves have also made a glorious comeback and we are loving it.

5. You cannot ever go wrong with the florals

Florals never went out of trend and thank goodness! Florals prints are timeless and we cannot even imagine a wardrobe without a bounty of floral ensembles in it. Oh, don’t confuse floral with basic! 

Florals are always fun, cheerful - and the best thing about them is that they can be worn in all seasons. Hands down, florals are amongst the most fuss-free fashion trends that could ever be. Enough said.

6. Where were anti-skinny jeans all these years?

Raise your hand if you were tired of those skinny-fit, low rise skinny jeans! *we feel you*

The good news is that everyone in the world seems to have found love in anti-skinny jeans and boot-cut jeans is number one 2021 jeans trend. 

Even the wide flare pants are all the rage and offer so much comfort and ease. Ah, a trend we wish had come sooner. 

BTW, our Morine Fit & Flare Kali pants became our hotseller this season and you now know why. 

Kali pants

7. Gilet: A megatrend to watch out for

Recently, Kendall Jenner sported a gilet, loose trousers, and padded sandals. Did we go gaga over it? Totally and we are not alone. Since then, so many digital creators and celebs have been spotted donning gilet in their own style.

What we love about this megatrend is that it is just effortlessly chic and you can do so much with it. Add it to your classic white shirt and blue denim look or just wear it with a high-waisted crinkled skirt, gilet seems to fit in seamlessly with most styles. So, would you give it a try? We say you must!




Uncomplicate the idea of fashion & start having fun with your outfits.

If you observed all the outfit trends of this season, you’ll see many common things amongst them. Right now, everything is around functionality, minimalism, a lot of play, and a lot more comfort.

So, if we had to advise you on how to style your everyday looks, we would definitely recommend you to go for less is more approach and just experiment with silhouettes, prints, and sleeves. 

Explore our collection of trending dresses, playsuits, coord sets, tops, and western outfit for party on our website here and always stay updated on what’s hot and trending in contemporary fashion with us.