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Style Guide: Party Dresses To Pull Off That All-Nighter

Style Guide: Party Dresses To Pull Off That All-Nighter

Whether it’s to celebrate a new milestone at work, to discuss and update each other on our love lives, or to simply let down our hair and blow off some steam after a hectic week, we girls like to party and to party hard. 

But partying hard has its own demands—we need to look like the beautiful goddesses that we are, obviously, but our hot dresses for clubbing should also be comfortable enough for us to hop from one pub to another and pull off exciting all-nighters. 

Let’s look at some options amongst which you can choose the dress that will make you the light and soul of every party.

Comfortable Party Dress Ideas: 


1. Go glam or go home

If party dresses were Bollywood, the cocktail dress would be Amitabh Bachhan—a classic choice that would be next to impossible to get wrong.

From the dream-like shifty chiffon dresses to the A-line skater dresses, there are all sorts to choose from cocktail dresses, and if you want some more in your latest party wear dress for women then you can look into ruffles, lace-ups, and strappy details. 

The important thing to understand about cocktail dresses is that they are adaptable to both your pocket-size and your style preferences.

So you can go for luxury fabrics and detailings to set your night just a bit over the edge, you can keep it short and flirty for the happy hours, or you can have a little lacy flare and keep your dress chic for hosting a dinner party. 

Maxi Dresses

2. Find a ‘Midi’ way

By definition, this is a dress where the hem hits midway between the knee and the ankle so that it's longer than a knee dress and shorter than a full-length one.

Your sophisticated midi dress can make you stand out at any after-office all-nighter or a weekend binge, and you can play up dress silhouettes with popular details such as lace and ruched detailing.

To be a head-turner at any party you can also go for a one-shoulder maxi dress in spicy red.

Smocking Midi Dress
Women Resort Wear

Check out Amanda, a gorgeous button-down bright midi that comes with a square neckline and an A-line fit. Adorned with wooden buttons all through the side hem, she is all about fun!

3. Functional Jumpsuits FTW

Looking for a slightly sultry look that also accentuates your edgy personality?

Well, a jumpsuit is the dress for you. Also, on cooler nights when you are outdoors (or switching clubs because the night is short and the party everlasting) a short dress might not be comfortable enough, but a jumpsuit will keep you comfortable as well as sexy. 

Moreover, jumpsuits come in lots of shapes, styles, and colors that you can choose from depending on the occasion and your personal tastes. You can go for ruffle detail and bandeau neckline or shimmer your charming way into a party with an overlap pleated neckline

Women Jumpsuits
Shimmer Jumpsuits

4. Channel your inner Kim Kardashian with our Bodycons

A top choice among club dresses is, without a doubt, a bodycon dress.

Rest assured, when you step into a party in a bodycon dress you are going to make them look twice at you, and needless to say no other dress is a better choice when you want to flaunt your figure.

The options are pretty limitless—long sleeve, backless, sleeveless, amongst many others. You can go for a bandage dress with sleek cutouts to perfectly fit your curves or you can don a strapless party dress to highlight your gorgeous neckline.

Women Bodycon
Bodycon Dress

To switch up your after-dark style, you can check out Lexi, our contemporary chic alternative to evening gowns. On-trend with the shimmer details, she comes in a luxe velvet bodice with a shimmer mesh draped intricately over the bodice

5. Shimmy Shimmy Ya!

Want to assure yourself that you are the Queen of Party People?

Well, you must get dressed like it in the most glamorous of all party dresses—a sequin dress. And, of course, it isn’t without reason that they say party season will be incomplete without sequins!

While you may have to look at your jewelry box to accessorize other dresses when it comes to sequins you already have a complete package—you don’t need anything else. 

To go for the trendy glam leisure thing that everyone’s doing these days you can stay comfortable and dazzled-up by pairing up a relaxed sequin women’s dress with some nice, comfy sneakers.

For pulling off an edgy look at the office party, there are few options better than a sequin and blazer dress. 

Sequin Dress

Remember, whatever anyone says, there is no such thing as “too sparkly”. 

A perfect party dress to keep things subtle yet shiny is our Isabel which comes in a body contouring form with sequinned details from front to back.

Contrasting full sleeves give it a gorgeous edge. Pair with thigh-high boots and a fur scarf for some added oomph.

6. Every fashion girl’s wardrobe staple - LBDs

The best thing about the familiar Little Black Dress (lovingly referred to as LBD by women all over the world) is that you can walk into any party with it and you will neither be overdressed nor underdressed.

It would not be an overstatement to say that the LBD has a sophisticated, statement-making aura about it that will bring your self-assurance and confidence to the fore. 

Drawstring Shirt Dress

To be in tune with times you can try a layered skirt dress with ruffle detailing or you can go for an all-nighter with a relaxed and cozy LBD paired with stockings and booties.

When you are looking at a party wear dress for women online, do remember to check out our extensive collection that has been curated keeping in mind your desire to be unique, beautiful, and sophisticated. 

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