Organza Fabrics

We Are Crushing Over Organza. Here’s Why You Should Too!

The tale of dreamy organza fabric is a glorious one. One of the prettiest and luxurious dress fabrics, it was lavishly used during the victorian era.

It is believed to have traveled to Europe from China via the silk route and become a massively loved and preferred dress material amongst luxury French and Italian designers.

In India, too, organza has been a part of fashion for decades and made a grand comeback in recent years, bringing back the beauty of delicate sheer across ethnic as well as the contemporary fashion industry.

Giving it a modern twist, organza dresses, evening gowns, sarees, and tunics are becoming wardrobe favourites, not just for millennials but the Gen Z too!

Below we share all the qualities of organza that have got us hooked for all the right reasons!


All you need to know about Organza Fabric-


What makes Organza unique and a wonderful fabric to work with?

  • It’s got that stunning sheer: Organza is translucent and reflects the light beautifully, giving it a soft sheer appearance that looks ethereal and gives a dreamy look to any attire made from the fabric. The sheer is in fact the outcome of the loose silk weave.

  • Oh, the edgy stiffness: The silk yarn used for organza is treated with acid before it is weaved, giving the fabric a slight stiffness. However, it allows the designers to accentuate the silhouettes with that structured and sculptural flare and layering.

  • The breathability quotient: Organza is a super lightweight fabric. It’s airy and breathable making it super comfortable and easy to wear even for long hours.
  • Did you know Organza comes in various different types?

    While Silk organza is widely popular, multiple types of organza fabrics are available in the market, each with distinctive qualities and price range. 

    • Sparkle Organza: True to its name, this type of organza is more shimmery, giving the ensemble a glittery and shiny effect. It is ideal for tailoring those statement dresses. 

    • Crushed Organza: Given a treatment to get those soft crinkles, crushed organza adds that effortlessly glam look and is ideal for skirts or pre-draped sarees. 

    • Crystal Organza: It is one of the most elegant and popular types of organza with a delicate sheen. It is perfect to make those gala evening gowns.

    • Satin Organza: Woven in satin, this organza type has relatively more shine and is a little flowy in comparison to most other stiff types.

    • Embroidered Organza: As the name suggests, organza detailed with intricate embroidery patterns is another luxe organza type.

    • Shot organza: It is a type of organza fabric in which silk threads of varied colours are warped and weft together to give a multi-colour finish. 

    Our favourite organza picks

    For us, organza is all about adding extravagant details to classic silhouettes. 

    Arya Black & Navy Embellished Organza 

    Embellished organza dress

    Our gorgeous Arya dresses in classic black and navy colour are head-turners! Those puffed organza sleeves add the right kind of drama and notch up the embellished, well-fitted bodice of the dress.

    Black organza dress

    Crafted from crepe satin lycra, the sheer organza on the sleeves takes the glam quotient of this stunning dress to another level.

    Riley Embellished Top

    Organza sleeves top

    All things chic and stylish, this crepe top with an embellished collar is perfect for formal evening soirée, birthday bash, and everything in between.

    However, the thing that makes this top a standout and a bestseller is its puffed sleeves! Crafted from organza fabric, the sheer look just elevates the style of this classy navy top.

    A few care tips for organza fabrics

    1. Opt for drycleaning: Being a lightweight and sheer fabric, it is always advised to go for dry cleaning of your organza clothing to avoid any damage.

    2. Gentle handwash: It might not be possible to give your clothes for dry cleaning every time. In this case, hand washing it separately and gently using a mild liquid wash in cold water is your safest bet. Machine wash is not advised as organza is a lightly woven fabric and might get torn or damaged in the washing machine. 

    3. Sundry but in shade: If the option for handwash, avoid drying organza fabrics in direct sunlight as it may affect the luster and colour of the clothing. Instead, dry it in a shade with clothes turned upside down to maintain the colour and texture of the outfit.

    4. Avoid keeping it with embellished or heavy clothes: In the closet, please don’t hang or keep the organza garments alongside any garments with heavy sequin embroidery, zips, or fasteners, as organza fabric can get torn easily. 


    Now that you know all about this beautiful fabric and understand what makes it a favourite amongst designers, it is time to indulge in some organza love and add some organza beauties to your wardrobe.

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