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10 Iconic Friends Outfits That Are Totally Trending RN

10 Iconic Friends Outfits That Are Totally Trending RN

There is nothing more legen…wait for it...dary (pun totally intended) than the 90’s sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S that in all its glory became an inseparable part of the lives of millions of people.

Even after years of it being off-air, its continuous re-runs have made sure that we stay rightfully hooked to the show. And, the recent official announcement of the reunion happening on May 27, has brought back so many wonderful memories for so many of us. #ExcitedMuch 

Apart from the show’s epic jokes, Friends outfits have been a rage across the decade. In 2021, as so many of the 90s fashion is making a well-deserved comeback, the iconic fashion statement outfits of the three female leads, especially, Rachel Green, the ultimate fashionista, are looked upon for some sassy-style inspiration. 

Let us share with you the best outfits from Friends TV show that we are forever crushing on and ways in which we can help you recreate those looks with an Alter Ego twist. Shall we start with Rachel(Jennifer Aniston) styles that we loved throughout the 10 seasons? 

Friends Outfits that we Loved throughout the 10 Seasons -


Rachel Green Friends Outfits

It’s a no-brainer that Rachel Green aka Jeniffer Aniston Friends outfits wore the most stylish and trending pieces because in the sitcom too she worked at Bloomingdales and knew everything about fashion.

We really had a tough time selecting the looks to feature here because there were so many that we could really do a dedicated Rachel Green looks. Anyhow, here we have compiled you the top looks and the similar Alter Ego outfits you can wear & be the Rachel Green of your gang.

1. The One of Many Slip Dresses

Rachel Green slip dress

Spaghetti-strap slip dresses were top trending in the 90s and across all seasons Rachel has donned so many slip dresses. 

In fact, since mid-2020, they are gaining back their glory. Easy, breezy, and cheery, these dresses are perfect for WFH scenes as well as everyday outings making them perfect no-fuss style of the season.

Nail the classic slip dress look with our grey haven slip midi that comes with cross back straps, a delicate cowl neck, and a bottom slit. 

Women slip dress

2. The One with Max Glam

Rachel's maxi dress

Rachel’s slit maxi gowns were sultry to say the least. The long thigh slit and body-fit mint green dress accentuated her curves beautifully. 

Recreate your own maxi glam Rachel look with this pristine white maxi dress. Its almost identical long slit and fitted bodice are everything you need to pull off the stellar look. 

Side slit maxi dress

3. The One with the Eternal Checkered Dress 

Checkered Dress

Check prints made several appearances throughout the seasons and all the leads were sporting them in some way or the other. But Rachel’s this particular blue checkered dress stole our breath away. 

Effortlessly stylish and totally timeless, checks are a must, must have in your wardrobe and we might have the perfect piece to help you get this look.

Check co-ord set

This is a relaxed yet elegant coordinate that you can wear to your office and even to the casual evening meeting after office hours. 

4. The One with Halter Neck Peek-a-Boo Dress

rachel green outfits

This dress may be a little extra with too much happening and yet Rachel just carried off it like a diva she was throughout the show!

The halter neck, the abstract floral design and the sexy keyhole cut just made it an unmissable piece from her many iconic fashion looks.

What if you could, too, match the sass of this dress? Well, this tie-up bustier bodice with noodle strap and the skirt cut is all things playful and gorgeous. Like the Rachel’s vacay halter, this one will also become your travel bff.

Tie-up dress

5. The Ones with Tube Neck Dresses

Rachel black dress

No one did tube dresses like Rachel Green. From oriental to little black tube dress, she had her way with tube dresses. 

Obtain the cocktail or sundowner looks with our mesmerizing smocking back, tube midi or the elegant monotone side trail tube with fitted bodice. 

Tube neck dress

6. The One with A Little Sheer

Rachel green outfits

Intricate embroidery, sheer sleeves, black color and that hair-do. Oh, the entire look is so adorable! 

You can totally rock this look with our sizzling Arya that features dramatic organza sleeves and a modern embellished bodice. She is definitely a head-turner!

Embellished dress

Phoebe & Monica Friends Outfits

While Rachel was all about the trending and high-street fashion and Phoebe was characterized by over-the-top eccentric and sometimes wild looks,  Monica was the balancing one.

Her Friends show outfits had an eclectic mix of tomboy looks, plane-jane looks, and some really glam style outfits. 

7. The One in the Catsuit

monica halloween dress

Oh, the one where Monica dresses up in a body-hugging leather catsuit for Halloween (Yes, the same one where Chandler dresses up as a Pink Bunny), it is one of the most outstanding looks she carried. To be honest, we loved her headband also a little too much! 

Our black cool cat jumpsuit with stunning volume sleeves is one of our hotsellers and we cannot wait for you to recreate Monica’s catsuit look with this Alter Ego beauty! 

Catsuit jumpsuit

8. The One of Many with Day Dresses

Monica casual dress

Amongst so many day dresses that were featured in the show, this one by Monica Geller stood out because of its soft print, delicate collar style, and everything in between. A perfect summer dress, this is just perfect for all-day style and comfort.

Rock your summer days with this watercolor splash shirt dress or go classic with a white pleated shirt dress. 

Summer dress

9. The One with the Cool Jumpsuit

Phoebe outfits

While Phoebe had an unconventional sense of style throughout the show, she did kind of made jumpsuits cool even before they actually came in trend.

In 2021, jumpsuits are just winning the fashion game. Take some inspiration from Phoebe and don a summer-perfect floral jumpsuit for brunches, day picnics, relaxed coffee dates, and more.

Whether you are in a mood for floral jumpsuits, polka ones, or some cool tie-dye pattern jumpsuits, we have got you everything to pull off a fun Phoebe look.

Women jumpsuits

10. The One with The ‘Smelly Cat’ Extra Shine Dress

Smelly cat dress

Hot, edgy, and a little extra - three words that define this Phoebe dress perfectly. She wore this for her big ‘smelly cat’ music video and it’s one of those looks where while being her extra self, she totally owned her glam look.

Our shine-on wrap dress is just the piece you would want to make the statement at red carpet or gala events.

Shimmer maxi dress

Which Friends look will you redo today?

You might be feeling a bit too nostalgic after reading this, but, you can bring the warm, fuzzy memories of the show by dressing up as your favorite character, right? So, which look will you be trying today? Share with us in the comments below.

Check out all our listed friends tv show inspired outfits on our website, here.

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