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Sleeve Styles

Sleeve It Up! Trendy Women Sleeve Styles You’ll Fall In Love With

Fashion is always about the little details. Apart from the silhouettes, cuts, fabrics, style, etc., it’s the other details in the garment that accentuate its appeal. And, this season, it is all about the sleeves.

In our belief, dress sleeve styles are total game changers and can change the entire look of the garment. So, why not go all out there and make heads turn with statement sleeves that you’ll just love to flaunt. 

We have enlisted the latest style of sleeves from our uber-contemporary collection of dresses, tops, and more. Let’s begin!

Trendy Women Sleeve Styles:

1. Volume Sleeves

The extra in the sleeves surely make them unmissable! Volume sleeves are having their queen moment as they continue to rule the runways as well as street fashion across the globe.

Volume sleeves dress

This dress may be a classic but those voluminous sleeves just take the style quotient of the dress a step further. The pleats at the cuff are just the right details that add to the fun of this vintage polka dress.

Volume sleeves dress

This dress is a perfect example of how new style sleeves design can just elevate the outfit’s look. With the tie-up strap sleeve at one end and the dramatic volume sleeve, fitted at the cuffs, this dress is a show stunner that will grab many eyeballs. 

2. Cape Sleeves

Amongst the trending women’s sleeve styles, cape sleeves, as the name suggests, falls like a cape. 

Cape sleeves dress

This luxe dress is a perfect dress for formal or informal evening occasions and apart from its intricately embellished body, what makes it stand out is its cape-styled sleeves.

With those long cape sleeves and a neat minimal-makeup look, the wearer will reflect power, poise, and everything in between.

Cape sleeves dress

The trench dress in blue with long cape sleeves! Need we say more? This piece with empowering cape sleeves is perfect for the one wanting to ace an edgy and bold workwear look for a formal dinner with clients or colleagues. 

3. Flounce Sleeve

Flounce sleeve dress

We love flounce sleeves for their subtlety and feminine look, especially, in this skater, the flounce sleeve just adds that delicate touch to make it a perfect dress for dates, bff brunches, and more. 

What’s more? The drop shoulder sleeve look gives it a more comforting and relaxed look.

4. Asymmetrical Sleeves

Asymmetrical sleeves are making the headlines in the fashion industry and for all the right reasons! Super fun and over-the-top, asym sleeves are for everyone who loves to experiment. 

Asymmetrical sleeves top

We are crushing over this hotselling tropical print asymmetrical sleeve top from our collection. Just the entire vibe of the top shouts ‘Vacay mode!’

And, look at the sleeves - The left is relaxed and flowy ruffles, and the right-hand sleeve is a classic straight sleeve with fitted button cuffs. You wouldn’t want to miss having this top in your closet. 

5. Balloon Sleeves

An extension of volume sleeves, the balloon sleeve is generally fitted at the cuff adding to the drama of the outfits and how!

Balloon sleeve dress

Oh, this white midi is so pristine looking. But, wait! Those balloon-shaped buttoned cuff sleeves give it a playful look. Ain’t it? 

Balloon sleeve co-ord sets

This tie-up knot top is another stunning example of on-point balloon sleeves. The sleeve detail adds to that extravagant and vivacious feel of the jumpsuit making it a fitting choice for vacations, picnics, and all things fun! Don’t you agree?

6. Fan Sleeves

We are a fan of fan sleeves. Okay, maybe the joke sounded funnier in our hand but we really think that fan sleeve is one of the upcoming trends in sleeve fashion and is here to stay because it is comfortable and looks absolutely flattering.

Fan sleeve dress

The highlight of this lavender midi will, undoubtedly, have to be its fan sleeves (and of course the sultry side slit). It’s a perfect dress for summer soiree and date nights and a must-have sleeve-type in your everyday wardrobe.

7. Puff Sleeves

“I have too many puff-sleeves in my closet,” said no one ever! 

So vintage yet so contemporary, you can never go wrong with the timeless puff sleeves! 

Puff sleeve dress

This puff-sleeved ikat cotton dress is effortlessly stylish and will clearly become your go-to dress for all casual outings and meets.

Puff sleeve dress

Adding some extra glam to the puff sleeves, the sheer organza fabric elevates the overall appeal of this dress. It is classy, cheerful, and sexy. In short, it is everything you need to make a statement!

8. Kaftan Sleeve

Kaftans are all the buzz in the fashion industry, especially from early 2020 due to the pandemic, because honestly, there’s nothing more comfortably stylish than a Kaftan.

The sleeves of the Kaftan are wide and are an extension of the kaftan robe. So, this season too, you must be having a few of the kaftans or kaftan-styled outfits in your closet that are perfect for WFH and lounging. 

Kaftan sleeve top

For example, this tie-dye top. It comes with a comfortable silhouette and oh those kaftan flow sleeves! Isn’t it perfect for zoom meetings, lounging, and all other stay-at-home things? 


Next time, you buy an outfit, give some extra attention to the sleeves and don’t forget to keep experimenting to see which styles suit you the best! If you want to explore more sleeve styles for tops and gowns, check out our website here.

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