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Rakhi Gift Ideas

EXCLUSIVE! 8 Incredible Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Sister

What should I gift to my sister this Rakhi? If this is the question that is worrying you day and night as the festival of Rakshabandhan approaches, we feel you, man. But, know that you are not alone in this!

Accept it or not but women are so much better than men at gifting. They seem to be a pro at the art of gifting while men struggle to find the perfect gift even when there are infinite gift options for women.

However, what if we say we have the perfect list of rakhi special gift for sisters planned for you guys? Yes, we know you are jumping with joy! #WeAreWithYou 

Rakhi Special Gift Ideas-

1. A glam statement dress

Stun your sister with a dress she has had her eyes on for a long time! Every girl has a secret wishlist that you can secretly look for to find the perfect Rakhshabandhan gift for her. 

We bet there’ll be loads of AlterEgo dresses in her wishlist and you can gift her one (or more, if you are more generous *wink*) to make her day special. 

However, we also have our own favourite dress picks that would be great as gifts for her on Rakhi:

sequin bodycon dress

These ready-to-party classic bodycon dresses with sequin and shimmer will surely make your sister excited and happy.

You can attach a handwritten note too with them that says something on the lines, “You are born to sparkle,” to give more depth to your dazzling gift. Isn’t that a genius idea? #YourWelcome

If you want to go for something less shimmery but as glam as these dresses, maxi gowns are absolutely perfect.bodycon dress

This Noelle dress, for instance, is every part chic, sexy, glam, and summery! Fitting bodice, flowy skirt, back cutout and a T-neck front & back, this dress will be a dream come true kind present for your sister! 

2. A forever kind of delicate jewellery piece

Express how much you care for your little or big sister with a piece of jewellery. Depending on her personal taste, silver earrings, bracelet or a charm necklace would make excellent gifts for her. 

If you are opting for a ring or a bracelet you can get it engraved with her name initials to make it more personalized.

3. Power or casual coord set or jumpsuit for every day styling

Want to surprise your sister with a playful fashion ensemble that she can wear anywhere and everywhere? Coord sets and jumpsuits are super versatile choices that she’ll totally adore! 

Ikat coord set

This Rakhi, celebrate her being gifting a thoughtful yet cheery playsuit that can be perfect for her work meetings and more. This ikat coord set comes with relaxed pants, smocked back bustier and a tailored blazer. 

Pleated jumpsuit

This bandeau corsette pleated jumpsuit is such a stunner! It will be a perfect Rakshabandhan gift that you can also complement with a choker neckpiece in silver. 

Tie dye jumpsuit

Our teal tie-dye jumpsuit is a dream vacay jumpsuit and will make your sister very happy! It can be a hint for her to plan a trip with you and the other siblings/cousins. What say?

4. A macrame handbag, footwear, or more

Macrame trend is taking over the internet and why not! It’s handcrafted, detailed, and so much fun.

Hunt for bright hue macrame handbags or slip-on footwear that she will love to flaunt on her IG. If she loves to style her room or home, a macrame mirror or dreamcatcher is also a great idea.

5. Scented handmade candles

Handcrafted candles with lavender, lemon grass, or any other fragrance of her choice can also be a unique present for Rakhi. Candles can also be a great side gift along with a dress or jumpsuit. 

6. Trendy Tops that she can style in multiple ways

Flower or chocolate bouquets are cliché. Ditch them and go for a bouquet of tops that will cover all her every day styling occasions. Let us elaborate on it for you further.

Gift her a mix of party wear, casual, and work wear tops that she can wear in more than one way! Trust us, she’ll love you for this thoughtful gift! We also sort out a few of our hotselling tops to save you some time.

Organza top

First, let’s get the party top sorted. Our Riley shirt comes with embellished neck and organza puff sleeves, perfect for evening parties, formal dinners and more. 

corset top

These corset-styled and bustier tops are perfect for picnics, casual meets, and more while the below-shown shirts are elegant style picks for every day office wear.

white shirt

7. Customized savory & sweet snack hampers

If your sister loves to munch, a customized hampers with all things snacks is a great way to delight her on Rakshabandhan. Get her favourite chocolates, some healthy savoury snacks, juices, Nutella and peanut butter bottles (big ones please!), and all other goodies that she would love.

Get it packed in a basket or a hamper and write her a note too make it more special. You can also do a cake for your sister(s), that you can cut together to celebrate sibling love on your special day. 

8. A handmade lookbook of her childhood fashion

Want to do something extra special. A DIY lookbook featuring your sister(s) fashion sense over the years is a great, great idea, that will surely make her happy (or embarrassed *LOL*). This could be a great accompaniment also with any of the above fashion gifts. 

It’s a brilliant idea. Do you agree or do you agree?

Now, let’s wrap it up!

Quite literally! We hope that you would have gotten the perfect Rakhi gift for her and the only thing that is now left to do is order it and wrap it with love. 

If you are looking for online rakhi gift for sister, in fashion, hop on to our website, here, to find the best of contemporary wear. 

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