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Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses Blowing Up On Instagram

Whether you’re frolicking at the beach or heading out to simply run errands, each summer brings a new set of influencer-approved pieces that can make a statement wherever you go.

Unquestionably, Instagram gives us major outfit inspiration goals to bask in the warmth of the sun in style. To help you save all the endless scrolling, we’ve curated a list for you.

7 Insta-worthy dresses that will help you look chic this season-


1. Lavender Smocking Midi Dress

Lavender Midi Dress

Scrolling through Instagram to look for a perfect summer season dress? You can see Instagram flooded with fashion influencers and bloggers donning their breeziest of dresses to ace the summer fashion game - lavender especially is ruling the fashion wardrobes of influencers.

Well, the summer dress of your dreams is here as Larissa will make you sail through the summer heat effortlessly. In dreamy lavender, this midi dress comes with a smocked bodice and ruffled hem. And the best part? It comes with functional pockets!

2. Slit Up Maxi Dress

Slit Maxi Dress

While most bloggers are making your Instagram feed bright, there are influencers styling in the versatile black this summer, radiating the cool girl energy. 

So, we also just did a number on the must-have black dress in your wardrobe, and it need no longer be little! Jenna, our slit up maxi dress can be trusted to have your back for any number of occasions.

The fitted bodice will compliment and accentuate your figure right while the noodle straps and high slit add the glam quotient and spice up this black number. 

P.S.- Wear it with heels and chunky jewellery or go casual with sneakers. 

3. Tie Up Ikat Midi

Ikat Dress

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a narrative around sustainable and slow fashion.

Lot of influencers are  adopting in some way if not completely - like choosing the right fabric or repurposing the same garment in various ways and so on. Ikat is one such loved fabric by all the it girls in the fashion circuit

Wake up on a hot summer morning and fall in love with Aria, our tie up ikat midi! This feels like elves got upto business at night and decided to create something by amalgamating things we love in one single design.

Ikat fabric- check. Midi dress- check. Tie up style- check. Aria is the perfect companion for summer brunches or sipping wine on warm sultry evenings. And the perfect addition to this cute Ikat dress? Easy, by adding pockets! 

P.S.-Keep your hands tucked in the pockets for an easy and nonchalant vibe.

4. Breezy White Dress

Masoom Minawala Dress

Source: Instagram

Come summer and you’ll see fashion bloggers like Masoom Minawala sporting their easy-breezy dresses in exquisite locales. A classic white dress can be styled in infinite ways and these influencers tell us exactly how! 

Breezy white dress

Bailey, just like its namesake the famous Baileys irish cream, will find a way on your favourites list. Bailey, our unassuming mandarin collar shirt dress, is a show-stealer - it will quietly make its way up your list of favourites and steal your heart.

She is the one you want to reach out for when you can’t figure out what you want to wear. The exaggerated balloon sleeves and golden buttons add a fun vibe to this classic white shirt dress. And you would love the simplicity that the mandarin collar adds!

P.S.- Team it up with matching shoes and bag or go with a watch for a simple look. 

5. Floral Ruffle Tie Up Maxi

Tie-up maxi dress

Lola is the look that will stop them dead in their tracks. Capable of making a head-turning statement, Lola is our double ruffle tie up maxi dress in a beautiful floral print and we can’t stop gushing about her.

It has a tie up strap on one shoulder and an exaggerated balloon full sleeve on the other. A stylish cut on the waist adds oomph to this pretty power blue floral maxi dress.

P.S.- Team it up with a stack of bracelets and nice stilettos or keep it casual - you will fall in love with Lola either way!

6. Eyelet Embroidered Dress

Eyelet embroidery dress

A dress that vibes with a peaceful day and a peaceful you. Meet Emily, our back tie eyelet embroidered dress -  she has a calming presence and if clothes could have personalities, hers is monk-like.

It just makes you want to take a deep calming breath, believe that today is going to be a perfect, smooth and productive day and go about your business in a zen like manner.

The fabric, the styling speaks volumes about simplicity being the most enchanting thing around. And, of course, we added pockets to make Emily even more comfortable!

P.S.- Work from home or office, coffee with friends or in your garden, Emily’s got you. 

7. Embellished Organza Dress

Organza Dress

As the lockdown is easing and the nation is getting back up on its feet, the one friend we have missed the most is Arya!

Our embellished organza love dress, Arya, makes one feel beautiful, confident and ready for the good times - the embellishments placed in a zigzag pattern marry bling and aesthetic making it an Insta-worthy dress.

The organza sleeves add the requisite drama to make this black dress a season favourite. Easy to adorn, Arya is a great companion for the nights you want to dance away.

Spruce up and shine bright in Arya for all occasions from evening soirees to formal dinners to intoxicated nights.

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” Wise words by Coco Chanel that we at Alter Ego are always channeling. This summer season, add some chic and sharp choices to your wardrobe from our chic casual wear.

Girlfriends are for life and trust me, that is the kind of friends Bailey, Emily, Arya et al are! They will endure and have your back for any occasion, planned or last moment.

With them by your side, you will never open your cupboard and get the feeling that you have nothing to wear. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but these will come a very close second! 

Popover to see our entire collection of Instagram dresses for this summer season on Alter Ego.

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