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Zodiac Fashion

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Style

Do you believe in stars charting the path in your life? Or you're one of those who silently follow horoscopes and never publicly admit it! ;) It’s believed that the zodiac signs we are born under have an influence on our lives and ultimately fashion choices. 

Here's a fresh, playful take on your closet choices - a complete celestial shopping guide for every zodiac sign! Let's take a look at zodiac fashion below-

Fashion according to your Zodiac sign -


Aries (Mar 21–Apr 19)

Known to be fiery, bold and passionate, this air sign is too cool to care and doesn't pay attention to how they are perceived. They love their independence and are confident enough to pull off anything they set their mind on to. 

Going by their fiery nature, red is the color that resonates with them - a color of energy, passion and excitement. 

Embrace your inner Aries with this Red Midi Dress structured in suede, accented with a waist cutout and stand out in the crowd. 

Aries Fashion

Taurus (Apr 20–May 20)

This Earth sign is an epitome of love and beauty and has a penchant for the finer things in life. They have a refined taste in material goods and like everything expensive and sophisticated - often seen pampering themselves and their loved ones with things that exude luxury and opulence.

A Taurean's power color is Green not only because of their grounded nature but also because the color signifies wealth!

Classic yet understated, this green coordinate set is perfect to make you instantly feel lively and revitalised. 

Taurus Fashion

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

Gemini symbolises twins and thus, is known to have dual personalities - one that is chirpy and talkative and the other that introspects about life and stays forever curious. This air sign has a charismatic personality and adapts to every situation easily.

Given their cheerful and energetic nature, they are always attracted to bright hues hence making Yellow their ultimate lucky color.  

Gemini fashion

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Sensitive, moody and supremely loyal, the style of a Cancerian woman is ever-changing according to her mood. They value and treasure the smallest of things given by their loved ones and spend a lot of time living in nostalgia. 

Ruled by the moon, the power color for Cancer is shiny Silvers or metallic greys. Add the 90's nostalgia of everything shiny and incorporate a shiny silver top in your wardrobe. 

Cancerian fashion


Leo (July 23–Aug 22)

Courageous, large-hearted and a complete show-stopper, Leos can charm absolutely anyone in a room! Enamored by exclusive designer pieces and a lover of all things luxurious, this sign loves being the center of attention and is a total crowd-puller.

Naturally, the bright Orange is the power color for Leos as it signifies high energy. Embrace your inner Leo with some bright colored dresses like 'Amanda' in your closet. 

Leo fashion


Virgo (Aug 23–Sept 22)

Born perfectionists, Virgos have a superpower of incredible attention to detail but often come across as a critic for the same reason.

Blessed with innate analytical skills and high taste, their analysis also plays a role when making fashion choices - examining every detail like country of origin, fabric type, care instructions and reviews before buying any outfit.

Earthy colors like green and brown are the power colors of Virgos as it helps ground Virgo's overthinking mind. 

Introduce this Green Trench Dress to a Virgo's wardrobe and take them from boardroom to bistro effortlessly. A total value for money! (Exactly what a Virgo would approve of!)

Virgo Fashion

Libra (Sept 23–Oct 22)

Believers of symmetry and balance, a Libran is tasteful and loves all things beautiful. Their symbol of scales show that they have a great sense of judgement and seek balance in every aspect of life, be it career or relationships. 

The power color of a Libra is Pink due to its femininity and the soothing palette. Add a pink hue to your wardrobe with a Tie and Dye Coord Set to brighten up any day. 

Libran fashion

Scorpio (Oct 23–Nov 21) 

You can easily spot a Scorpio in the room with their mysterious and deep nature! Brutally honest and ambitious, Scorpions express themselves clearly and speak their mind which also reflects in the choices they make in the fashion department.

Black is an obvious choice for this sign as the color exudes intensity and hides everything in it. 

To further enhance the sex appeal of a Scorpion, we recommend you to add this black jumpsuit with an embellished collar and falling papersilk sleeves. 

Scorpion fashion


Sagittarius (Nov 22–Dec 21)

Sagittarians are known to be adventurous and intense thinkers. They are independent, sociable and are often seen surrounded in a group of friends making everyone around them feel comfortable. 

Purple resonates with a Saggitarian as it symbolises creativity and independence. Bring this Lavender Midi Dress to your wardrobe and channel your inner Saggitarian with panache!

saggitarius fashion


Capricorn (Dec 22–Jan 19)

Ambitious, individualistic and assertive, a Capricorn woman is all this and much more!

They have big hearts and easily forgive (not forget!) people around them. They are not only resourceful but also practical when it comes to making decisions and thus they often opt for colors and styles that can be worn in myriad ways.  

For instance, a neutral color like Grey will touch a Capricorn's soul due to its understated elegance. Make a statement with our Grey Midi highlighted with delicate cross back straps, a soft cowl neck and a bottom slit. 

Capricorn fashion


Aquarius (Jan 20–Feb 18)

Aquarians are progressive, intellectual and always strive to make the world a saner place to live in! They are rational and usually stay calm and, hence, in sync with the color blue to accentuate their calmness. 

Opt for our blue coordinate set that is easy-breezy, chic and super versatile.  

Aquarius fashion


Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisceans are dreamy, intuitive and have an inclination towards arts and romance. Extremely expressive, this sign expresses themselves well (a lot!) through their attire as well. 

The zodiac symbol being the fish, they respond well to the colors of the sea and feel rejuvenated through the varied hues of water. They are imaginative and often need to be grounded - thus green being their power color. 

Electrify your wardrobe with this head-turning tye dye green jumpsuit and stay refreshed and updated with fashion according to the zodiac sign

Pisceans fashion

So what does your zodiac sign say about your style and which color do you resonate with the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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