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Monsoon fabrics

7 Fabrics You Can Look For During Rainy Season

There's something about the earthy scent of the mud in the rain when everything around you is so green and fresh.

But what could really be a buzz killer is getting drenched by the passing cars or being found without an umbrella outside your home. 

After all, getting all drenched only sounds like a good idea in movies (or umm on weekends!)

Well, while you gear up for the monsoon season with pakodas and chai, we'll help you pre-plan for rainy days with the right fabrics to don this monsoon season. 

Fabrics suitable for rainy season

1. Cotton

Are you one of those people who resist going out because they have absolutely no idea as to what to wear to brave the gloomy weather? Natural fabrics like cotton and mulmul that have low-absorbent quality usually work well for monsoons.

They aren't only lightweight and can easily dry but also prove to be a perfect fit for the humid climate due to their cooling effect by allowing air to flow in and around the skin while keeping your skin dry. 

We have a range of cotton dresses that you can add to your monsoon outfit ideas list. But Peony is our favorite for the rainy season because of its short length, the color blue and the cute detailing like a floral cuff. and a subtle volume sleeve. 

Cotton Dresses 

2. Denim

Denim might look like an uncomfortable option for the rainy season as it gets heavier when drenched in water and takes forever to dry.

But denim with a mix of cotton blend can actually prove to be a breather for monsoon. Besides, denim exudes the cool relaxed carefree vibe - so you can try this cotton-denim dress with a sweetheart neckline.  

Fitted in the bodice and waist with a slightly flared skirt, this dress is ideal for the rain season because of its length and the fabric. You can pair it up with a turtleneck or a shirt to up the look. 

Denim Dress  

3. Khadi 

If you are looking for fuss-free clothing this monsoon, then Khadi should come to your rescue. Natural fabrics like Khadi dries off quickly, stays uncrumpled and in place to help you look polished and chic.

The stains also get washed off quickly from the khadi fabric. Pair up khadi with shorter lengths to avoid getting the bottoms dirty with the wet mud. 

Look easy breezy and chic with our Khadi Blue Coordinate that spells nothing but comfort. Comes with a cropped shirt and accentuated with ballooned sleeves and wooden buttons, Angie is here to beat your monsoon blues. 

Khadi co-ord set 

4. Cotton blends like Rayon 

Cotton looks great in the monsoon but you can give a twist by adding cotton blends to your monsoon wardrobe. Rayon is a perfect cotton blend as it is not only breathable and airy but also has a lil sheen that makes it look dressier than the regular cottons.

It absorbs the moisture quickly without trapping any body heat. The best part about Rayon is that it dries quickly so it also prevents extreme sweating in humid weather.

Add this Green Tie Dye Midi Dress, crafted in Rayon and highlighted with drawstrings at the waist and pockets on the sides - perfect to run errands or for a lunch break this monsoon! 

Drawstring tie dye dress 

5. Crepe Blend

Crepe blend is another great option for the monsoon season as it dries off quickly. The fabric is thicker than cotton so it doesn't stick to the body completely and does not get translucent.

This monsoon, you can add Crepe Blend Trench Dress to your wardrobe to ace the uptown edgy look, sporting a bold waist cut out and a diagonal asymmetric hemline.  

 Trench Dress

6. Crepe Satin Lycra 

One of the most elegant fabrics, the crepe satin lycra fabric is equal parts chic and equal parts comfortable. Due to the little elasticity of lycra and the shine of the satin, this fabric is a good choice when stepping out in rain.

Crepe and lycra have a tendency to dry up quickly making them ideal for the monsoon season. 

Our Embellished Organza Love Dress can be a good addition to your monsoon wardrobe because of its black color (no stress of the wet mud dirt!) and the crepe lycra fabric. Further accented with organza sleeves, this dress is a showstopper!

Embellished organza dress 

7. Gabardine 

Not heard in Gabardine is a tough, tightly woven fabric crafted with a mix of wool, cotton and polyester yarns. In fact, it signifies a rain cloak and was traditionally used to make suits, overcoats, trousers, and uniforms.

This coarse fabric can bounce off water easily and is known for its water resistant nature - perfect for when it’s raining cats and dogs! 


Image Source: Pinterest 

No matter where you are stuck, these fabrics will come in handy during the rainy season. Look no further, and get your hands on these outfits for monsoon to ace you rainy days!

You can also check the quick guide to look fab this monsoon here.

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